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Thursday, May 31, 2007


extra bored at work today and a weeks old Souled On post got me thinking...There are some really good mashup artists out there so i thought that i might devote my next post to the club-friendly, work-out friendly, but driving not-so-friendly mashup works of Car Stereo (Wars), Ratatat, and Girl Talk. Gotta git me 'ole external harddrive 'fore i can do anything of the sort.

wait for it...

Watermelon White Owls

always the freshest. another nic bag plus a lil extra. no seeds.

Issac Hayes- Walk On By (clan in the front)

Issac Hayes-Chocolate Chip (what's my name?)

The Trammps- Rubber Band (best game song sample and a great dilla sample)

Al Green- Let's Stay Together (extended version 'yall)

Slum-Fall in Love (inhale)

BRAND DAMNED NEW jaylib-The Mission remix (exhale)


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

more soul than Shang Tsung

Heyo. Welcome to my Itunes library. Ha, no but furreal all music on this site is for evaluation purposes. SUPPORT HIP-HOP (and Betty Davis). This blog will have no focused direction, very little insight, and good music (hopefully). I doubt anyone in the world will ever see this. But, maybe...Just maybe I'll get a link shout-out from Souled-on or Vik. SOOooOO here we go with the first baggy. I call it the "JB Nickel Bag".


Al Green- Let's Get Married.

Archie Whitewater- Cross Country (YA S.O.)

Luther Ingram- To The Other Man (Dillaheads UNITE!)

Poor Righteous Teachers- Ms. Ghetto (it truly is like cocaine)

hmmm let me think...Sure, B.I.G. - Kicks Open Doors (Biggy and Kanye over "look of love")

Del- Track 6 off a lost EP. Sorry for the shitty qual.

BoomBAh. my first post.