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Thursday, June 28, 2007

nic bag nic bag all at the trap

Big and Rob on MTV is some of the dumbest, most racist shit ive ever seen on the screen. I hope you die, MTV, for what you've done to my culture. F*ck you telemarketers. JUST SAY NO TO GARBAGE. My boy Alan is sittin, watchin it like a chump among chimps. we both too blunted to find that remote tho, so oh well.

Van Morrison-T.B. Sheets

Lil' Wayne-Jack The Ripper (Mr. JPatt remix)

Lupe Fiasco- Make Sure You Get A Shirt! (lup over demon days)

Mos Def- Brooklyn

Galt MacDermot- Let the Sunshine

Oh No- T. Biggums (Madlibs little bro. similar producing style)

Been in Florida enjoying the company of those who matter. Thanks to those whom deserve it.


Monday, June 25, 2007

You know what? I am feeling a little misogynistic right now (OH believe I have my reasons). Some of my fellow SCHOLARS out there have been dedicating posts to the brilliance of those with vajoinas. fuck that.

Ghostface Killa wit Redman and shawn wigs
-Greedy Bitches (Great sample of an old Van Morrison blues song. Please Believe that I'll up it in a bit)

Fugees-No Woman, No Cry

Kaldirons- It's no Good

enjoi. free pussy naked teen blowjob

Friday, June 22, 2007

Lil' Wayne And Evil Empire- Carter 3 sessions (full tape)

Wayne never disappoints and this is no exception. Why can't people realize that the words that come out of an artists mouth outside the studio don't affect his (her) music. Wayne has serious talent, more so than most. And if he wants to proclaim this over and over, let him. Ya, 50 cent is pretty, But come on. Averice is a motherfucker tho.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

tryin to expand the readership

maybe if I put these phrases in a post, a google search for them will put people onto my shit. Let's see.

Free. Download. Music. Tits. Borat. J Dilla. James Brown. Free. Tits. Pamela. G-Unit. Unheard. Source. Fader. Rolling Stone. Tits. Blunt. G-14 (classified). Rush Hour 3. Friday. Lindsay Lohan. Tits. Free music download. free credit cards. free shit. free tits.

Monday, June 11, 2007

bet you never heard these Dilla tracks...



I will up more of these in the near future. I don't want to use all of my ammo at the start of the battle. Here's some supplemental soul to listen to while you twist it up.

Package of Love Pt.1- Dynamic Tints

Main Squeeze- Nate Evans

Nevermore-Renaldo Domino

Get this great compilation of rarities here.

Finally had some time to get away from the world and dust off the old typewriter. I'm beginning my second script and i hope to incorporate great, rhythmic soul as the soundtrack. Suggestions?


Saturday, June 2, 2007

June Second.

it's MY day

Flo Rida- Birthday( TERRIBLE SONG HAHA)

Friday, June 1, 2007

mashed taters mhmmm

Girl Talk i.e. Greg Gillis is on fire. His best album, Night Ripper, has over 300 samples. He cuts shit together seamlessly- mixing Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" with BIG's Juicy. Sheer Perfection.

Girl Talk- Smash your Head

Girl Talk-Minute by Minute

Girl Talk- Friday Night (very appropriate)

now, now. That was hard to pick out which songs to advertise. But, anyway support this dude he's got talent. Do it here.

Personally, Ratatat doesn't appeal to me as much as Girl Talk, but these two dudes are good nonetheless. Their remix series are solid.

RATATAT-Stomp (Young Buck, T.I., Luda)

Ratatat-Glock Nines (Beani Siegel & Jay Z)

wanna put more up, but I am scared of the RIA and the FCC. BELIEVE that they watchin! Support him here.

Last dude, Car Stereo (Wars) prolly has the least street cred, but the Austin music scene is slowly pickin him up.

Car Stereo (Wars)- What's up California?