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Friday, June 1, 2007

mashed taters mhmmm

Girl Talk i.e. Greg Gillis is on fire. His best album, Night Ripper, has over 300 samples. He cuts shit together seamlessly- mixing Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" with BIG's Juicy. Sheer Perfection.

Girl Talk- Smash your Head

Girl Talk-Minute by Minute

Girl Talk- Friday Night (very appropriate)

now, now. That was hard to pick out which songs to advertise. But, anyway support this dude he's got talent. Do it here.

Personally, Ratatat doesn't appeal to me as much as Girl Talk, but these two dudes are good nonetheless. Their remix series are solid.

RATATAT-Stomp (Young Buck, T.I., Luda)

Ratatat-Glock Nines (Beani Siegel & Jay Z)

wanna put more up, but I am scared of the RIA and the FCC. BELIEVE that they watchin! Support him here.

Last dude, Car Stereo (Wars) prolly has the least street cred, but the Austin music scene is slowly pickin him up.

Car Stereo (Wars)- What's up California?


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