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Thursday, June 28, 2007

nic bag nic bag all at the trap

Big and Rob on MTV is some of the dumbest, most racist shit ive ever seen on the screen. I hope you die, MTV, for what you've done to my culture. F*ck you telemarketers. JUST SAY NO TO GARBAGE. My boy Alan is sittin, watchin it like a chump among chimps. we both too blunted to find that remote tho, so oh well.

Van Morrison-T.B. Sheets

Lil' Wayne-Jack The Ripper (Mr. JPatt remix)

Lupe Fiasco- Make Sure You Get A Shirt! (lup over demon days)

Mos Def- Brooklyn

Galt MacDermot- Let the Sunshine

Oh No- T. Biggums (Madlibs little bro. similar producing style)

Been in Florida enjoying the company of those who matter. Thanks to those whom deserve it.



Lily Kane said...

what's up Satchmo,
nice bloggin, I like it.
I'm not really down with "feeling misogynistic", but your love of blunts and your possession of Carter III won me over. You got a link from me.

Satchmo said...
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