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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

tryin to expand the readership

maybe if I put these phrases in a post, a google search for them will put people onto my shit. Let's see.

Free. Download. Music. Tits. Borat. J Dilla. James Brown. Free. Tits. Pamela. G-Unit. Unheard. Source. Fader. Rolling Stone. Tits. Blunt. G-14 (classified). Rush Hour 3. Friday. Lindsay Lohan. Tits. Free music download. free credit cards. free shit. free tits.

1 comment:

Scholar said...

Young Satch---I googled "tits are the shit" and ended up here. Imagine that.

I have to scoop up those Dilla joints tomorrow. Way to pimp that Eccentric Soul comp, too.

Within the next week, I'll probably do a links round-up. Keep those files active, and I'll give you a shout.

On to the next site in the titty thread. Peace.