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Monday, June 25, 2007

You know what? I am feeling a little misogynistic right now (OH believe I have my reasons). Some of my fellow SCHOLARS out there have been dedicating posts to the brilliance of those with vajoinas. fuck that.

Ghostface Killa wit Redman and shawn wigs
-Greedy Bitches (Great sample of an old Van Morrison blues song. Please Believe that I'll up it in a bit)

Fugees-No Woman, No Cry

Kaldirons- It's no Good

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rrougher said...

Greedy Bitches one of the three best tracks of GF's 'More Fish'. The other two being Pokerface and Josephine ofcourse, which come before and after Greedy, go figure.

Scholar said...

Satch---whether you consider this a good or a bad thing, your silly ass was birthed from a vajoina. Misogyny's too easy, . Gots to give bitches a break once in a while...