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Friday, July 6, 2007

Fuck Mysogyny. I am content with the opposite sex agin.

I wanna apologize for that previous post.
you know that i love you all. each and everyone. you make the world go round. chivalry aint dead, it's just all in Ohio.

Sex wit you- Heavy D & the boys

The Cool Thing to Do- soul position (C-BUS, Bitches.)

You Ought to be with me- Al Green

The Light-Common

Mind Sex- Dead Prez

why the FUCK is sharebee down.

Here's some RZA goooold...Just cuz I love all 330 of you.

Flying Birds (ghost dog soundtrack)

Fast Shadow Ver. 2
Samurai Showdown (Raise your Swords)


Jonn said...

back in my novice days of weed smoking i used to hypnotize motherfuckers with 'fast shadow'. it is in my opinion one of the wu's greatest songs. (but they have so many..)

but if this is version 2 what was version one?

Satchmo said...

version one is the same song, but it's like a minute shorter. It cuts off of ODB's verse. so there's no real point of version 1 since version 2 has GZA and Raekwon on it.