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Friday, July 27, 2007


I know it's old news, but this shit never ceases to disgust me. I was raised to believe that here, in America, high schoolers had the right to fuck eachother. I mean since no one else can... Shit. I was all over the freshmen when I was a senior, but then again I am a Yankee. Half of my adoptive fam is down in Atlanta, and I'm worried for Jamie being sent to PRISON for TEN YEARS for being SEVENTEEN and having SEX with his FIFTEEN year old girlfriend. oh wait, the sex is perfectly legal. GETTING HEAD IS ILLEGAL DOWN UNDER BECAUSE IT'S CLASSIFIED as SODOMY. SODOMY(being gay) IS ILLEGAL IN THE SOUTH.

please believe that I am raising my son in Vancouver, where he can get some head without the man sodomizing him.

no music on a foreign computer.

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