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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hungry, Happy, and Sleepy.

Hope ya like the new look. The slogan is from Chuck E. Cheeses if any of yall were curious. I think Chuck E. Cheese is like the personification of my salad days. Well...not really. I'm waiting on some new CDs LPs DvDs HD-DvDs EPs and MP3s to bump thru my USB straight to my SUV. Fer now im just blasting Common, the Souled On Samples , and Weezy F Baby up in my Honda. What can I say? Digging a mild deep here.

Love Theme-Fausto Papetti

Impeach The President- The Honey Drippers

Let It Be- Bill Withers

Inherit The Wind (Live)- Bobby Womack

Last Night Changed It All- Ester Williams


xoxo let me know how the new Box Songituder is working

1 comment:

Adam said...

Satchmo, really dig the redesign. I'm glad that I could convert someone to Box, though I'll let you know now so you avoid the frustration later: Box doesn't do big files (songs over about 9 minutes long). It's good for most stuff, but for those longer songs I usually use zshare. And hot damn, that Bill Withers cover is good.