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Thursday, July 26, 2007

RIP Jehrmaine Johnson 1987-2003. it was wrong germy.

That Jeru track made me wanna look up my oooold mp3 player from when i was like, 14 years old. I surprised myself with some of the gullyness i found. I was bumping this shit loud, I remember back when i was chasing them young girls, doggin em and shit. Walking home with my boys reaaal slow or skateboarding to the ball court.

(Not too sure)- 99.9 Percent

Nine-Lyin' King

SkyZoo & 9th Wonder- Live and Direct

The Coup- Funk

JuggaKnots- Clear Blue Skies

Project Pat- Smokin out ( I know what your gonna say. PP is probably the worst 3-6, but it's all gravy. Layin Da Smack Down has the best cover art of any album. Ever.)


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