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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Round Two.

I wasn't done. I was just on my chiefachief lunch break before.

Smif n Wessen- Wreckonize remix

Ahmad- Back in the Day (vurry fittin)

Rob Swift- A Natural High ( I still listen to this cat now, and he is no longer a simple sample scratcher, he's a full blown purple people eater. dude is raw.)

Royal Flush-Family Problems



White Silk said...

Thanks for the tracks but I just want to ley you know, Satchmo, that "Back in The Day" track is by Ahmad, not the Pharcyde!

Satchmo said...

BULLSHIT. it's off of labcabincalifornia, or at least the copy i have. I could be wrong about this, and i know that that's a guest rapper. oh wait. Nevermind i do have a booboo copy of labcab. wierd.

Thanks for the humiliation.