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Monday, July 9, 2007

You should see my Impression of him

Al Green. Can't stop loving this cat. My ma used to play the Reverand for me when i was i youngin' and he helped me fall asleep. Now he helps me drive, live, love and learn. I wouldn't necessarily call it commiserating, but Al Green helped me through some of the roughest times of my young adult life. His lyrics are universal and intelligent. His voice, oh man, his voice could melt steel. His rhythm=Sex. I got me a little man-crush on him. Ya, I said it.

Love and Happiness (the original dropoff and my ringback on the celly)

It Aint No Fun For Me

Wish You Were Here


I Want to Hold Your Hand

That Iiiiii I'm wrapped up in your love. part 2 coming soon.


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