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Monday, August 6, 2007

I could be a revolutionary, but I like white women with big titties

sorry. it's been a few days since ive been able to do anything. gotta make that paper, you understand. It might be a few more days until my next one too. Been a depressing, muggy weekend and a few. still waiting on my delivery of music and shit. I wish I had something worthwhile to write about, but all I got is Shark Week. need to get out of C bus and back down to the dirty STAT.

look for my guest spot over at Scholar's spot in a few.

Isley Brothers- Lay Away. A great IB song sampled on Wayne's Reciept offa Carter II

Bill Withers- Aint No Sunshine (Live at Carnegie hall)
Bill's sexy. Y'all should know that. I love the orchestral original as much as the next person, but this version is just a bit funkier.

Fred Wesley and the J.B.'s- Blow Your Head

Skyzoo ft. Torae- Click. The production on this track is FLAWLESS. bang it and think about your boi.

A Tribe Called Quest- Game Day.
Yes Game Day like NFL Game Day (the videogame). Jay Dee injects the funk into this surprisingly AMAZing track. just cuz it's licensed don't mean it's not fire.

Kanye West- Young Folks
. If you copped that Alter Ego mixtape a couple of posts back, you already got this.

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