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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I come in peace and gangsta.

I wanna know who is reading this piece I call Internettal L's. You know I'm showing the love. return the favor yall.

Lots of Lovin (remiks)- Pete Rock & C.L. smoooooooth

Love it Here- J Dilla (unheardish ish)

Act too & Love of My Life - the Roots via j. Period

City of Love-Persephone's Bees (oo that bass line)

Sex, Love, and Money - Mos Def (mos def)

enjoi and leave a comment you knuckleheads.


Wood-Dwellar said...

I love that dilla beat, it's one of my favorties for sure.

Max said...

i've been reading your page for a few days now post some dope tracks, that's for sure for sure..

rrougher said...

been checking up on your page regularly for a while now. Cause it's worth checking out regularly due to the strange mix of random-ass pictures, tracks and opinions.

Anonymous said...

Loving the blog man, lots of treats for sure. I know that "Love it Here", Dilla samples a Smokey Robinson track...dont know the title though! Feeling that Bullion post as well. Peace

Anonymous said... Is it so important?, preemption insertions bohemewas finkle onderzoek entrepot revoke hasnt