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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

You gotta be hip to hop.

yea so Finding Forever's "gooooood"ness has kind of worn off. Kanye is ALL OVER it. I'm not a huge ye fan, and he just completely rips Dilla's sound on this one a little too much. I've noticed that this cd just made me pop Be back into the deck, and Be made me pop in Like Water For Chocolate back in, and AS WE SPEAK I'm listening to Can I Borrow a Dollar. And Pete Rock. and now a lil sooooul. The Beautiful Lily Kane turned me onto this track off of the UK version of Finding Forever. Why this didn't make the US cut escapes me. After thought: I never noticed that No Defense sampled that Honeydrippers track that I upped a bit ago.

Sach over at Oh Word agrees:

• I tried to like it, but Common’s new album is a textbook example of “diminishing returns”. Put down the Starbucks and start copping 40’s before you get drafted into the Dave Matthews band, homie. On the plus side, American Gangster could be this year’s “Inside Man”.