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Monday, October 15, 2007

Sanguine, brother.

I deserve musical talent. I should be taking voice lessons. I shouldn't have sold my drums for Reason music studio. I read blogs, steal music, and listen to everything i have all day. On my journey of collecting the 5,000+ tracks I've accrued over the past few months, I've learned something: you gotta be pretty to sound pretty.
I've talked with some heads at Stones Throw (they'll never tell you whom Madlib samples), Numero Group (another Columbus, Ohio based release is COMIN SOON), and artists themselves (Bullion, Jon Baken, Girl Talk, Corey Henderson, and even a frank email from Sharon Jones' camp). This 'journey' was spurred from base human emotion. I fell in love and suddenly the Pieces of Peace started bumping more than Lil' Wayne.
I'm too young to be a scholar. I'm a self-educated Soulster born in a very wrong decade.

Lil Wayne- Man of the Year

Lil Wayne- Outstanding

Otis Redding- A Change Gonna Come

Annette Poindexter & the Pieces of Peace- Wayward Dream

Annette Poindexter & the Pieces of Peace- Mama

Bill Whithers-Ruby Lee

Tears for Fears- Head Over Heels

Donald Byrd- Think Twice

Bobby Womack- Across 110th Street

Betty Davis- Walkin up the Road



Hope you're well.
Here's a mix I did for - the theme is love -

shit is fire. Hope you don't mind if i put it up on my site in a few....Cheers, and how's the queen?

thanks maan

yeah that's all good, link to the shhhhh page. appreciate that.

the queen's alright as far as I can tell, reckon she's got a few years left in her yet!

Say hello to Bush.

I'd rather not.

Monday, October 1, 2007


Thanks everyone for coming here. I believe, as (mainly) a music blogger, it's our responsibility to sift through all of the music out there and bring you what we think is the best of the best. The top of our library. The most obscure, universally listenable tracks are all I try to bring. Our ultimate goal is to turn people on to people they didn't know A) existed or B) were so good. I hope you enjoy the THOUSANDARE MUSIC SERIES.

Aint No Sunshine- The Temptations
big file size. VERY rare. VERY GOOD (past like 2min 20 sec)

Liquid Swords- GZA

Natural Born Killaz- Ice Cube & Dr. Dre

Buddy Miles- Down By the River

Faithful- Papoose

Since You've Been Gone (Sweet Baby Baby)-Aretha Franklin

Soft And Easy- The Blackbyrds

The I.N.C. Ride- Masta Ace

Your Feeling Is Mine- Otis Redding

Wig Out- Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

Ain't no Way- Aretha Franklin

Stoned Love- The Supremes

Glaciers of Ice- Raekwon

Chick Habit- April March
This track is too good to pass up. It's from Quentin Tarantino.

Tearing Me up Inside- Harrison and The Majestic Kind

Beauty In The Dark- Mos Def and Ron Isley

Higher and Higher- Otis Redding

That about wraps it up for a couple of weeks. If yall want more songs, leave comments. Enjoi.

OH AND I got a Trivia question to test the true knowledge of you guys:

What Is Bill Cosby's real name?

Free album of your choosing who gets it right.